Transforming the car buyer experience
  • Sell, Buy or Trade, 24/7
  • End-to-end online sales and finance platform
  • Integrates will all major Dealer Management Systems

Provide a buyer experience that builds trust
  • 360° Detailed Car Views

    We enable a high-definition virtual tour of the vehicle interior and exterior; providing details and highlights of key features, dings, dents, or scratches.

  • Price

    We make the car buying process easy and fun with a no hassle price, that passes savings to customers.

  • Online payment and Documentation

    Integrated credit decisioning and payment; customers select monthly payments, rate and terms, and complete their purchase, finance and retail contract online.

  • Full Reconditioning and Certification

    Every car sold receives full service and reconditioning; and must pass a multi-point inspection completed by ASE certified technicians.

  • Nationwide Pickup and Delivery

    We provide nationwide shipping and free delivery

  • 7-Day Return

    Every purchase comes with a 7-day money back guarantee.

  • Coverage

    Every used vehicle sold has a complimentary warranty that protects the vehicle for 12 months / 12,000 miles.

Integrated Features
  • Always open store

    Sell 24/7 on an online store that enables customers to engage and transact at the ‘point of click’, from anywhere and from any device

  • Instant Credit Decisioning

    Integrated machine learning and instant credit decisioning allow buyers to secure financing online at the point of sale, and complete payment and purchase in a seamless experience.

  • Instant Trade Valuation

    We use technology and data from the most trusted industry sources to review and value trade online

  • Rapid Funding

    Our digital origination process allows us to fund you directly and securely with automatic funds disbursement when the vehicle is sold

  • Seamless Integration

    Built from the ground up to support the automotive retail, and hosted in the cloud, our solution integrates with all major Dealer Management Systems.

  • Registration and Title Services

    We all love a visit to the DMV, but we have decided to save you and the buyer time and stress by combining DMV services into our process

White Glove Support
Build trust with your brand, and increase customer satisfaction.

Professional Vehicle Intake

Every car is photographed with high-definition 360 exterior and interior images of the vehicle for immersive viewing (VR/AR compatible)

Full Reconditioning

Every car receives full service and reconditioning; and a multi-point inspection completed by ASE certified technicians.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is always here, standing by to support your needs and the customers

Nationwide Pickup and Delivery

We provide nationwide shipping with free* delivery to select markets (*Free shipping within a 200-mile radius

We will accept nothing less than delighted customers, which mean that your CSI rating will skyrocket, we guarantee* it!
Customer Journey
  • Select Vehicle / Check Rates

    Customers select vehicle or obtain pre-qualification. We use data and proprietary algorithms to curate the vehicle search, along with corresponding rate and terms

  • Select Rate and Terms

    Customers select desired rate and terms, and monthly payment for selected vehicle(s).

  • Purchase and Sign Documents

    Customers select BUY to move through the retail purchase; orders car, and complete their purchase, finance and retail contract online. Car is delivered right to the customer’s door.

Real Access to Investing in Auto Loans
Historically, auto loans have only been available to banks, credit unions and auto companies. By investing through Carzumer, investors can access a collateralized credit asset class, and earn consistent returns.

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